Luke Uyeda ( filming Barrio L.A. on the Gold Line

Luke Uyeda ( filming Barrio L.A. on the Gold Line


We help you discover the WHY behind your brand.

Most know what the features & benefits of their product/service are, but it's your WHY that creates brand loyalty.

Customers desire an emotional connection with your brand and the companies that become memorable create experiences.

What we offer is helping you create a brand strategy from your WHY.

There's no point marketing or promoting through social media if you don't know the message you're trying to communicate.

Partnering with us includes:

  • Qualitative Research 
  • Target Market Research
  • Creating a Brand Strategy
  • Filming a Short Documentary or Commercial
  • Leadership Coaching Specific to your Needs
  • And much more!

We want to take your passion and create an emotional connection to your fans. Behind My Brand wants to help connect your WHY with people's hearts. 

See our WHY here.