Video Marketing


Your WHY matters. People who buy your products or services want to know. It’s the difference between one-time sales vs. brand loyalty. The “what” or “how” states the benefits, but your WHY is the differentiator (USP). 

It’s nearly impossible to identify your WHY through self-analyzation and most companies neglect discovering their WHY and skip to marketing. But what’s the point promoting if you don’t know what to market?   

That’s where we can help you. We help you share your story with the world. 

In 30 days, we’ll complete the following steps:

Bio - tell your story

Record - show your story

Audio - hear your story

Narrow - clarify your story

Deliver - share your story

At the end you’ll receive a short documentary/commercial to market your brand clearly and effectively to your new and loyal customers.

For more information & pricing, contact Scott at: or (310) 367-1059